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As Mo stated earlier, Monday Night Raw came through Philly last night and I know four grown ass men who went down to take in the festivities. All generally like the “sport”, but each went for different reasons. The first subject is a 26-year-old with a 6-year-old kid who loves John Cena more than his own father, which is perfectly acceptable. The next is a 37-year-old divorced father of two who not only went down without his kids but is guaranteed to die alone. The type of guy who is making breakfast and when someone walks into the kitchen he says, “Can you smell what the Rock is cookin?!?” and then tries to put you in a full-nelson and fist you with a spatula. Then there are my two 27-year-old buddies who went down together on a self-described man date, and are still huge fans of wrestling. HUGE. Like the type of guys who you tell them it’s fake and they still attempt to argue.

These two grown men are obviously psychopaths who would give up their first born just to see Ric Flair in his prime again and would even take forearm deep from China if the opportunity arouse, so they’re a lost cause for humanity. But for today’s youth, what’s the appropriate age to let it go? I got out of the game when I was 10 or 11 around the time when Owen Heart spread his wings and just before The Rock and Stone Cold came into play big time. My glory years faded with the Hulkster’s hairline, Macho Man’s arteries and The Ultimate Warrior’s sanity, but even I think I could’ve waited around a couple more years. I’d say the safe bet is up to 14 you should be okay, but once you hit high school it’s probably time to let it go solely for the puss factor. Kind of hard to have sex with a woman when your main goal is trying to put her in The Sharpshooter. On second thought, that might make it more than worth it.

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PS – Still my favorite thing to watch. Ever. Sauce monkey to the max.