Come on, Miley. Now don’t get me wrong, I’d still pounce on that thing faster than a cheetah on an injured gazelle or Pres on a shirtless Adam Lambart and/or nickel spotted on the opposite side of the street. Mom shorts or not, she’s is worthy enough to sacrifice a nut and a half just to get a day pass to buttcheek city. But dammit, it’s sad to see her in her prime and doing this to herself.

Mickey Mantle got blackout drunk in search of the snatch every night while in the big leagues. Yeah he was great, but just imagine how much better he would’ve been if his liver was actually able to secrete bile by the end of his career. Same thing here with throwing away talent. Miley’s gotta step it up while she’s still got some time left. Damn broad looks like she’s either Beiber’s blonde replacement or is ready to film a movie circa 1997 with Neve Cambpell then crash the Lilith fair. Get back to what works, dammit. You’re no longer jailbait. Act like it.