ENGLAND – A UK woman is now $41,000 out of pocket because of one measly wrong digit. The woman, who understandably wishes to remain anonymous, organized for her monthly pay of $1,580 that she earns as a hairdresser to be transferred to her bank account. Unfortunately, she entered one digit of their account number incorrectly when setting up the automatic payment and catastrophically, only realized her terrible mistake two years later. The bank says the money can’t be returned to the woman because the person who received the regular payments in error withdrew the funds in cash and spent it all.

Women. Motivated enough to go out and shatter that glass ceiling but stupid enough to not realize they’re doing it for free. Strange things happen when they leave the jurisdiction of the kitchen. Just out of their natural environment and don’t know how to survive. I can’t even comprehend this. The broad works for two years at doesn’t check once to see if she was paid? Wouldn’t happen with a man. Every guy who works for a living is on top of his finances like white on rice or blacks on chicken. It’s to the point where most men are so anal about their accounts that if a direct deposit is late or something looks suspicious on a credit card statement we know instantly and we’re on the phone to slice some nuts open to get the problem fixed. Jihhandi may be nice and helpful as “Robert” on the Capitol One help line but he’s treated by me as the curried pigshit he ate for dinner last night until he gets rid of that $4.61 interest charge mistake on my account. You don’t mess with a man’s hard earned money.