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Las Vegas police agree to pay $100,000 to beaten videographer.Crooks was videotaping police from his driveway the night of March 20 as officers investigated a burglary across the street near East Desert Inn Road and South Maryland Parkway. As Colling was driving away, he stopped his car, got out and approached Crooks.He ordered Crooks to stop filming, and when Crooks refused, Colling beat him, according to the lawsuit.

Well, he DID say he didn’t live there. We all heard him.

No way this guy should have only walked away with $100 grand, although if it were me I’d take a police ass-beating 8 days a week for that kind of money. Whine like a pussy on camera and enter all the world’s of hurt this fat Vegas cop can dish out. That’s no more Sallie Mae debt, a new car, and a healthy savings all for a couple broken ribs and a facial laceration or two. Hell if it were me I would have thrown all of my personal convictions aside and called up ambulance chasing Rev. Sharpton to make it as racial as possible. Probably would have tripled my money.

Police brutality, abuse of power, and ignorance of the law are never to be tolerated. Unless you can get six figures out of it.

Would you take the beating for the money?
Vote 1 for No I Have Dignity Blah Blah and 10 for Kick My Ass And Wire It To My Checking
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