NBCAfter getting swept over the weekend by Arizona the New York Mets may not give their fans a .500 season, much less a division title. But they are hoping to provide a memorable group hug. The first 100 fans at Friday’s game at Citi Field against the Brewers will get free admission, if they take part in Nick Cannon’s attempt to set a world record for most hugs in an hour. It’s not entirely clear why Cannon — Mariah Carey’s husband — developed a passion for this particular record. The host of NBC’s America’s Got Talent needs to top 1,800 for the record, and everyone who participates in the hug-a-thon gets a T-shirt. Anybody else thinking they could have spread the love a little more effectively by keeping Carlos Beltran on the roster?

I honestly don’t even know what to say here. Like I sat with my funny cap on for a solid 3 minutes trying to dissect this story and find the hilarity inside, but I just can’t do it. The more I think about 1,800 Mets fans lining up to hug Nick Cannon after the team probably loses a game to the Brewers so they can get a free t-shirt is just the saddest thing I’ve heard all week. Like Bambi’s mom sad. Seriously the New York Mets’ organization couldn’t have selected a more soul-crushingly depressing celebrity to drag out in front of its’ fans to begin with, but then to have him hugging people for some world record that nobody knew existed just compounds the whole sadness factor. The team is giving 100 people free tickets to embrace the D celebrity ex-host of Wild & Out? I…I’m sorry Mets fans.

via wmd